How To Get A Girl To Like You


Everyone loves to be complimented for their actions. Girls love compliments and you should compliments her at every rightful turn that needs compliment. Try not to mix-up the compliments with flattery as most girls could find flattery very offensive and unreal at some point.

Unlock her

Sometimes it can get very tricky or difficult when trying to hold hand with a girl for the first time. But it can get better if you try to take advantage on better opportunities when they present themselves rather than trying to create one on your own. You can lend out helping hand to her when she is trying to cross or step on surfaces that are unequal or pull her through a crowd while she is holding hands with you.

Make the approach

At this point there is already a certain level of understanding between both of you and you should start to feel the need for baiting her indirectly. Trying to bait her indirectly isn’t because you are not confident enough or you don’t think she will accept your proposal, rather it’s because you are trying to trade careful without having to jump into conclusions about her feelings.

At this point it is better to take your time out and try to understand her every move. In truth the development of feelings in respect to how it is developed in a guy is totally different from that of the growth in a girl and so time is needed to help her develop fully.

Once you have finally gotten her attention to like you, you need to be carefully of things you say and the manner in which you behave with her so you don’t end up giving her a different impression or reason from that which you portrayed just to make her like you. We have highlighted few do’s and don’ts that should guide the way in which you relate with her.

get her to like you

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