Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

There are always questions regarding girls, people want to really know if they are into shy guys but the truth about it is that girls don’t really mind if they end up with shy guys as long as they fulfill their wants and can be bold enough for them. Shy guys are admirable and majority of girls feel very comfortable in their arms. They are the type that pays more attention to listening rather than talking at all times which are a good quality majority of girls admire.

Let’s not hide the fact that girls who love shy guys without confidence are basically mostly in high school or in college. After high school or college is over, the desire for girls to want shy guys changes and they tend to look for bold guys that have the capacity to turn things around without been shy.

Do Girls Like Shy Guys

Advantages of shy guys over the bold ones

Because shy guys are very good at listening, they tend to be better kept as friends. But of what use is it as a guy if a girl puts you in the friend zone when you actually want to be the man of her dreams.

Some girls like to be dominating over guys especially during sex and shy guys are just perfect for that. They shy all the way even during sexual activities and the girl’s just love it.

Girls love guys who feel reserved at first regarding their personal life but won’t mind going deep into the conversation after they start feeling comfortable around them. And this is very common among shy guys at first.

We can spend all our time debating about shy guys and their characteristics but we mustn’t deny the fact or ignore it that they are good, loving, caring and awesome but still lack the major qualities to fulfill most girls dream. It can be argued that very few shy guys are dependable, protective or even have the capability to go after the woman of their dreams.

And these qualities are very vital for a matured girl who wants a long time standing relationship. The harsh truth is that shy guys are short of these characteristics and can hardly get the girl of their dreams with such attributes and for this reason alone they are mostly kept in the friend zone after a while.

The fact that some guys are shy doesn’t constitute a problem for any girl but what does is that there confidence level is always low and this isn’t a problem for only girls but for every gender close to the individual. Shy guys don’t mind having insults rained on their legacy just to avoid a fight when they react to what is right and also they mistake cowardice for peace at all times.

Do Girls Like Shy Guys

Its time you switch-off that shy button into boldness

Becoming a bold guy isn’t much of a problem but staying bold to wither the storm that comes after is. It easy to become that bold guy and put aside every difficulty in having that dream girl you have always wanted. In this article we have discussed very few steps that can guarantee you start having that boldness in you that you never taught was possible.

Stay Quiet – present your shyness to the public as reservation. In truth you may be shy but never let anyone know about it rather give them the opportunity to think that you love feeling reserved rather than making unnecessary familiarity.

Talk less – your shyness can only be noticed in the sound of your voice if you play the role of a quiet individual. So kill that nervousness inside you by making meaningful conversations.

Gain morale – as a shy guy, you are probably too shy to get noticed by her in public but not for too long. Its best you generate much time towards getting her attracted by your actions rather than words. This way she will already be into you and you will find it as a piece of cake when you finally approach her.

Stand tall – it’s very common for shy guys to always walk around the corner of the road or sit close to the rear window of a bus so they don’t get disturbed or engaged in any sort of socialization. Its time you quit such and walk majestically without having any thought of someone noticing you.

Avoid the shy tag – Keeping cool always makes you appear mysterious to every girl and for this reason you can’t be labeled a shy guy just yet until you open up about labeling yourself a “shy guy”. Avoid the tag and let her see you for a different individual.

Fear factor and self-condemnation

Every girl is just as the same as the guy gender, so seeing yourself as the only shy person in the world isn’t going to do you any good. Walk up to them when necessary and have a simple conversation with them. This way you are building your confidence level to approach that dream girl of yours. One major reasons why shy guys are still shy is that they have refused to live their own life, nurturing that fear factor of been dejected if they fail to live up to expectations.

But who cares if you make mistakes or not? If makes are not made and learnt from how can you be a better you? Avoid unnecessary self-condemnation and you are on your way to becoming a confident guy. Shyness or not, if your confidence level is high then you are surely guaranteed a place in her heart.


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