How To Get A Girl To Like You

Individuals are different from one another and so are girls also in that regards. The fact that girls differ from one another and are equipped with several qualities makes it more interesting to want to get to know all if possible. There are several ways to get a girl to like you and we have listed several top ways of getting them to like you.

Rule #1: Get on the spotlight

How to get a girl to like you

Be Yourself

Stay away from what people perceive you as and living your own life is very essential in staying on the spotlight. It’s important to be yourself and avoid living in the shadows of other or pretending to not having your life without the aid of another. Several girls with real purpose for life don’t entertain the idea of having a shy guy around or boys who are not capable of having their own life and important decisions to make on their own.



Tidying up yourself and the environment that you live in is one of the most important factors in trying to get a girl to like you. Impression matters a lot and presenting yourself in the best possible way will enhance the chances of her liking you. Girls are very sensitive when it comes to spotting out dirtiness so it’s best not to give room for such so she doesn’t change her mind about you.

Talk the Talk

There is simply no way a girl will notice you if you have spoken to her about yourself before. Sometimes approaching a girl may seem very difficult given that several factors may come in play but you have got to try hard and make sure you speak to her maybe regarding her hobbies, sports, lifestyle and friends.

Be her special clown

Funny lines and jokes are a very good way to get a girls attention. You don’t need to become special in telling jokes before you can make her laugh. Just say hilarious things about the environment and things you are familiar with. You can also get ideas from her favorite funny home videos, comic books and comedians.

Friendship the key

It’s unheard of that girls have interest in people they are not familiar or comfortable with. It is important that you get to know her life style without creating the impression in her that you want her to like you.


Rule #2: Don’t get caught in the friend zone



Act a player

Stay close to a girl isn’t a bad idea but it becomes a different case when you find yourself in the friend zone. It is very easy keeping yourself out of the friend zone, all you have to do is always remind her through your actions that you know about your attractiveness and for this reason flirting isn’t a problem for you.

Be calm

It is important to note that adding pressure to your friendship with her isn’t needed. Just live your life the normal way you have been doing and don’t bother about trying to impress or losing her through one bad joke or impression. There is no need to try and make her feel special at all cost, the initial goal is to make her like you and that should continue to be the goal.



Everyone loves to be complimented for their actions. Girls love compliments and you should compliments her at every rightful turn that needs compliment. Try not to mix-up the compliments with flattery as most girls could find flattery very offensive and unreal at some point.

Unlock her

Sometimes it can get very tricky or difficult when trying to hold hand with a girl for the first time. But it can get better if you try to take advantage on better opportunities when they present themselves rather than trying to create one on your own. You can lend out helping hand to her when she is trying to cross or step on surfaces that are unequal or pull her through a crowd while she is holding hands with you.

Make the approach

At this point there is already a certain level of understanding between both of you and you should start to feel the need for baiting her indirectly. Trying to bait her indirectly isn’t because you are not confident enough or you don’t think she will accept your proposal, rather it’s because you are trying to trade careful without having to jump into conclusions about her feelings.

At this point it is better to take your time out and try to understand her every move. In truth the development of feelings in respect to how it is developed in a guy is totally different from that of the growth in a girl and so time is needed to help her develop fully.

Once you have finally gotten her attention to like you, you need to be carefully of things you say and the manner in which you behave with her so you don’t end up giving her a different impression or reason from that which you portrayed just to make her like you. We have highlighted few do’s and don’ts that should guide the way in which you relate with her.

get her to like you


Things You Can Do

  • Always approach her with the proper courtesy
  • Compare her recent strength with that which she is capable of becoming and not with other girls
  • Always present her with a positive mindset
  • Impress her by being yourself and not someone else it makes no sense and might just ruin everything
  • Bring up conversations about you and her. Avoid drawing up your histories with other girls
  • Honesty is one virtue that will definitely impress her
  • Avoid making the discussion just about you all the time. Allow her to talk about her own self as well.
  • Always be calm and smile all the time so she can see you as someone who is approachable and considerable to others as well.
  • See her as someone you want to be with rather than just another person in your life
  • Display sincerity and good judgment in your decision

What You should Avoid

  • Don’t give her the impression that directly or indirectly good hygiene is not your priority
  • Perfection is just an ideal word and not a real word so stay from creating the impression that you are the perfect fit for her
  • Don’t act jealous because it may hinder the proper growth of her feelings towards you
  • Don’t doubt your instinct it is the guide you will need and also don’t over rely on it at all times because your feelings may overcloud it at times
  • Give her sometime alone to be on her own. Too much of everything isn’t good and can sometimes become irritating for some people
  • Don’t give her the impression that you are pressuring her with what so ever
  • Don’t act like you lack confidence or any form of moral to take the initiative to the next level
  • Don’t tell immature jokes that could ruin her interest
  • Don’t try to corrupt or deviate from the original course of playing with her as this may become uncomfortable for her.
  • Don’t act like you can provide all the material things that she desire. She may start believing that you are only after her body rather than love she has in her heart.


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