Would you rather questions

The “would you rather” game has mostly been used as party games or mostly in cases where two or more people are willing to start a long thread of conversation. It basically involve two options either a positive response or negative response. The persons involve must be active and can’t respond to both questions, he/she either picks the first question or the second.

The unique side of this game is that it has no exact answer and question can only be picked based on the preference of the individual responding. Sometimes question thrown at individuals can be very tasking to respond to if it involves things they hold dear to their heart.

We have listed several “Would you rather question” ranging from the hardest to the most loving questions.

Tough “would you rather question” you won’t want to miss out on.

  • Would you rather spend 1,000,000 on 100 clothes or spend 1,000 on 100,000 clothes?
  • Would you rather be without teeth or be without tongue?
  • Would you rather have a sound made when you feel aroused or have back ache when you are aroused?
  • Would your rather have stomach ache when you sleep at night or have headache throughout the day time?
  • Would you rather have a wizard live next door or become the wizard next door?
  • Would you rather choose to be the best in life or leave the best life?
  • Would you rather be a rich prisoner or a poor slave?
  • Would you rather be an illiterate that reads mind or a learned individual that don’t?
  • Would you rather have threesome or have everyone think you did when you did not?
  • Would you rather be blind and have everyone think you see or be deaf?

Romantic “would you rather question” you would love

  • Would you rather be a sex addict and have you partner know or have your partner be a sex addict and you don’t know?
  • Would you rather suck or be sucked?
  • Would you rather have your partner fuck you or be fucked?
  • Would you rather have sex during the day or have it at night?
  • Would you rather have charming personality or be charmed?
  • Would you rather have sex on your first date or date after the first sex?
  • Would you rather allow your partner sleep with your sibling or allow your sibling sleep with your partner?
  • Would you rather be the first to tell your crush about your feeling or allow your crush be the first?
  • Would you rather take a bullet for your spouse or allow your spouse take a bullet for you?
  • Would you rather fall in love or fall out or love?

The perfect “would you rather” for females

  • Would you rather have small breast bigger nipples or have bigger breast small nipples?
  • Would you rather have a smooth face with a crocked voice or have a smooth voice with a wrinkled face?
  • Would you rather have you pant revealed or have your hair shaved?
  • Would you rather have a breast implant or butt implant?
  • Would you rather have a handsome shy boyfriend or a confident ugly one?
  • Would you rather have your boyfriend cheat on you or you cheat on your boyfriend?
  • Would you rather have sex with your boyfriend in public or have it in front of your parents?
  • Would you rather look short and attractive or look tall and unattractive?
  • Would you rather have your menstrual cramp on your first date or have your “ex” seat next to your table on your first date?
  • Would you rather sleep walk or sleep talk?

Amazing “would you rather” gadget questions

  • Would you rather be heavily slapped and receive an iPhone or don’t be slapped and receive an mp3 player?
  • Would you rather deactivate all your social network account and have your daily meal increased or have it withheld with your social accounts active?
  • Would you rather be given a million dollar or lose your birth certificate?
  • Would you rather have your nude photos on Instagram or have it used for a billboard advert?
  • Would you rather smoke for a day or have your smartphone fall into water for an hour?
  • Would you rather visit Paris for a holiday or live in Las Vegas for a day?
  • Would you rather shop for chocolates or have your make up kit complete?
  • Would you rather have your boyfriend call you for a minute or have your parent call you for an hour?
  • Would you rather have a tooth ache or have your leg spun by a bee?
  • Would you rather have a patchy make up or your lipstick applied wrongly?